About the District

The Key Largo Fire Rescue & Emergency Medical Services District was born on June 8, 2005 when Governor Bush approved Florida Statute 2005-329 that created the 68th Special Fire Taxing District in the State of Florida.

Our State Legislative Representative, Ken Sorensen, sponsored House Bill 1291 at the request of community and county leaders.  The bill unanimously passed both the Florida House and Senate.

Both the volunteer fire and emergency medical services organizations believed that by establishing the district they would be able to:

►  Offer residents a higher-level of service at a lower cost,

►  Provide more direct control over revenue and expenses, 

►  Streamline existing work processes to reduce administrative tasks,

►  Foster volunteerism, and

►  Remain as volunteer departments. 

Todaythe five-member elected KLFR&EMS District Board contracts services from each of the same separately-owned, non-profit 501.c(3) corporations that have provided outstanding volunteer fire and emergency medical services to Key Largo residents for over 50 yearsBoth volunteer departments are meeting and exceeding state-mandated standards for response times and Volunteer qualifications. 

The District’s Charter enables the Board to serve all of Cross Key, and Key Largo from South Bay Harbor Drive and Lobster Lane to the southern boundary of County Roads 905 and 905A. A full copy of the District’s Charter can be located here.