ALL Fire Hydrants for the Phase 9 Fire Hydrant Project have been installed!

ALL Fire Hydrants for the Phase 9 Fire Hydrant Project have been installed!

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Today, September 27th, the Key Largo Fire Department declared the last of the Phase 9 fire hydrants installed by .A. LaRocco to be operational.  The KLFR&EMS District is in the process of confirming the fire hydrant locations with FKAA for Phase 0 tentatively scheduled to be installed in FY 21-22.     


  1. Ethan Balsinde (10/8) : Please provide the project estimate, liquidated damages, and amount of days it will take to complete subject project.
    1. Liquidated damages will be negotiated with the selected vendor upon award of the project. The District expects that each prospective vendor would propose a project estimate and timeframe for completion in their submittals.
  2. Ricardo Gonzalez (10/16): We are trying to gather information for the upcoming project. Where should I send my questions? Like budget and bid due date…
    1. As specified in Section I of the ITB, all questions regarding the ITB proposal or requirements should be directed to myself or Dirk Smits at or Section IX of the ITB states that all bids on this project must be submitted by October 30, 2020. The ITB requires all prospective vendors to propose a project budget.
  3. Vicky Fay (10/18): Does Demand Star allow bidders the opportunity to send an electronic sealed bid even though the ITB calls for 3 sets of sealed bids to be delivered?
    1. The District will accept bids submitted electronically through Demand Star
  4. Vicky Fay (10/18): Will the locations of hydrants be changed from the locations shown in the ITB drawings?
    1. The locations are not expected to change. If an adjustment is required, Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority will notify the vendor of any changes when permits are issued.
  5. Stephanie Bruno (10/19): There is no plan sheet for Hydrant 20-03, South of Diamond Avenue and South Ruby Drive. Can a plan be provided for this location?
    1. After reviewing the materials uploaded to Demand Star, the Plan Sheet for Hydrant 2020-03 appears on Page 23 of 34 in the ITB packet (labeled Page 3 of 13 on the plans from Reynold’s Engineering Services).
  6. Stephanie Bruno (10/19): Is there a bid form to use for submission of bid pricing?
    1. There is no specific bid form for proposals submitted on this project.


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